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Relationship Therapy 💕

The narrative that informed many of us about love, sex, and relationships used a very narrow framework to understand these deep and complex ideas. While things in media are changing (slowly), dominant stories talk about relationships as if they are something that can only be enjoyed by heterosexual, cisgender, monogamous couples who eventually get married. There needs to be space for diverse stories!

Without a road map, there is some confusion and nervousness that can come with learning to develop sexual and/or romantic relationships. Queer, trans, and nonbinary people deserve to have fulfilling and satisfying connections, whether that includes non-monogamy, monogamy, kink, BDSM, polyamory and beyond. Take advantage of being outside "the norm" by building a relational life that is fulfilling and tailored to the needs and desires of you and your partner/s.

I have worked with clients who are learning to maintain sexual connection after trauma, experiencing stress related to ability to maintain erections, exploring polyamory or non-monogamy for the first time, tolerating and reducing jealousy in relationships with partners who do sex work, and supporting partners who are in recovery from drug or alcohol abuse. What concerns do you have that we can approach together, as a team?

Individual Therapy 🎉
currently not accepting individual clients

Therapy has the power to change your life. That power comes from your own willingness to engage, explore your vulnerabilities, and take charge of your future (and present!) -- without your commitment, therapy could never work. That's why I'm so glad that you're contemplating beginning therapy. It means that you're taking the necessary steps to find the fulfillment you seek.

I specialize in gender therapy and relationship therapy. Accompanying clients as they explore their identities is one of the most rewarding parts of my work. 

Therapy is flexible and evolves. what may come as a pressing concern to you when we begin working together may no longer be at the front of your mind two months later. Other times, you may need ongoing support with a longer process, like moving out on your own, coming out as queer or trans, learning to adjust to life with a new mental health diagnosis, or rethinking your goals and values in life. Perhaps you are already in relationship therapy and would like to start your own. 

While I want you to lead the way during our work together, I'm willing to facilitate and help you find what works best. This is a collaborative process, and that includes length of sessions and frequency of appointments.

Please reach out to me by visiting the about & contact page to talk more about my services. 
I see clients from 12pm to 7pm on Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.
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