Hi! I'm Sylas (he/him).

I'm a white, transmasculine relationship and gender therapist based in Portland, Oregon. Increasing access to mental health services for my community is something I truly value about having my own practice. I have a passion for working with queer and transgender folks of all identities.

This necessitates valuing and seeing my clients for their whole and complex selves and identities. This is also key when determining how to best serve my clients who engage in relationship therapy. Clients who come from different social locations - including race, gender, dis/ability, class status, sexual and romantic orientation, and immigrant status - can learn more about one another and how to consider these aspects of identity in their communication.

I strive to remain accountable, listen to those who have different identities and experiences from myself, and have explicit conversations about power and oppression in my work and in my life. I think relationally and systemically. People don't exist in a vacuum - the people, spaces, and systems in our lives affect us all.

Some of my favorite things include iced coffee at all times of the year, my cat, Ladybird, being in the sun, reading, dancing, spending as much time as I can with people I love, and writing. 

My Approach

My work is collaborative and client-centered. I want us to define goals together, based off of your own values and what you would like to see in your own life. 

I use existential and narrative therapy orientations with concepts from acceptance and commitment therapy. I also utilize emotionally focused therapy for relationship counseling. My training is in marriage and family therapy, and I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Oregon.

I am interested in the ways that you define yourself, your relationships and the world. Using these perspectives can shed light on the patterns you find yourself in, and help find a way of being that more closely aligns with your values. Even the traits about yourself that you like the least are trying to serve a purpose! Sometimes we grow past a certain way of coping, and benefit from exploring new options.

Human beings are always absorbing and enacting lessons from our families of origin, traumatic experiences, cultural and societal norms. Embracing all parts of life, and all parts of yourself, is not about keeping everything the same. In fact, it's about finding freedom from always trying to suppress discomfort.

When we are no longer operating from a place of avoidance, opportunities begin to multiply, and our true self leads. let's find out which paths are serving you, and which ones you may let go. 

Contact me here to set up a consultation! 

**Currently accepting relationship therapy clients only**